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NAET  treatments build upon each other.  People come for a series.  For all health issues, the protocol is to start with treating the “15 Basics” which are the micronutrients of food ie eggs, calcium, sugar, iron, yeast, grains...  After the body is desensitized to the “15 Basics”, we determine what the next treatments should be based on the progress so far and the symptoms or disease.  For serious conditions or symptoms which have been going on for a while, more treatments are necessary.  As the treatments accumulate, changes occur.  We evaluate continuously to make sure things are moving in the right direction and you’re experiencing results.  Typically, patients start to notice results within the first several treatments.  With a healthy lifestyle, the effects have been shown to be lasting.  




All the needles used in my office are new, prepackaged and sterile. They are used for only one insertion on a patient and then disposed of in a biohazard container. The biohazards are disposed of appropriately by a biohazard disposal company.  We  can do acupressure to stabilize the treatments instead of acupuncture if you prefer that.




Acupuncture needles are used to either tonify or disperse the flow of energy or Qi (pronounced chee) through specific channels in the body.  These channels were identified thousands of years ago, and have access points throughout the body.  Pain is usually a blockage of energy or Qi, and weakness of an organ or tissue is usually caused by a deficiency of energy or Qi.  




The acupressure techniques feel good or relaxing. With  acupuncture, needle sensations are usually minimal to nothing.  When the needle access energy or Qi, one may feel sensations of tingling, electric, throbbing, heavy, dull or aching as the energy moves and balances.  Patients often feel relaxed during a treatment and sometimes even fall asleep.




The first session is about 90 minutes.  It’s where you tell me about your main complaints. I ask lots of seemingly unrelated questions and then come up with an Oriental medical diagnosis.  Then I’ll tell you more about NAET. There’s so much to learn!

Next we’ll use the diagnostic technique of neuromuscular sensitivity testing (NMT) to test your response to homeopathic vials which hold the frequency of the item we’re testing.  If your arm is strong while you’re holding the vial, your body’s energy is flowing and there’s no allergy.  If your arm is weak while holding a certain vial, it indicates an allergy or adverse response to that substance.  Energy stops flowing through channels when the body is having an allergic reaction, because the immune system is setting up blocks or firewalls trying to keep that substance out and/or expel it from the body.  This makes the arm muscles weak, and also creates the symptoms of allergic reaction or chronic ill health.

Then we get to your first NAET treatment.

In follow up sessions, which are 1 hour, you can get right on the table and start relaxing.  We check in and get to a treatment right away.  Usually this will be 2 steps.  We’ll boost something that’s already treated and make it even better.  Then we’ll move on to treating a new item.

“Lucy is an amazing acupuncturist!  During the two years I have been working with her, she has helped me overcome multiple health issues.  She is incredibly knowledgeable about acupuncture and healthy living.  Lucy is gentle, committed and dependable and I truly look forward to our visits each week!”
Female in her 20’s