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Lexington Family Acupuncture

Are you dealing with chronic health issues, pain or allergies that keep you from living the energized and free life you want to live?


Are you interested in drug free, gentle and effective healing techniques?  Are you wanting to treat the cause and not just medicate the symptoms of your health issue?


If so, welcome!  I offer gentle acupuncture and needle free acupuncture, as well as NAET.   These are classic and modern techniques which can help you begin to alleviate your symptoms and enjoy real health.  You can improve the quality of your life and begin to embrace the freedom and well being which are your birthright.  You can take charge of your or your child’s health and be on the path to feeling well.


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I have travelled three hours each way twice a month for three years to receive what I experience as the most effective, skilled and professional healing treatments I have ever received. Lucy’s attunement to my condition on every level~ physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual is like nothing I have ever seen in my fourty years as a health professional. She brought me back from the brink~ literally~ after severe trauma coupled with a complicated case of Lyme Disease.
Because of Lucy, I am thriving. I am forever indebted to her.

On top of all this, she is one of the kindest and most generous people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. And she has a terrific sense of humor~ a key ingredient for a master healer!

I can recommend Lucy with complete faith that she has the ability to heal any disease, imbalance or malady on this earth. She truly is a miracle healer!

Sil Reynold NP Psychotherapist. Co-author Mothering and Daughtering.
Lucy and NAET have helped me in so many ways. First she got me off my medication for acid reflux, making it possible for me to eat all my favorite foods again. My life had become so rigid because any little thing could cause several days of throat pain. 

I’m the type of person who needs to participate in my health treatment and a deep level and Lucy was very open to my doing this.

Over time I realized how much in sync with the other areas of life my NAET treatments were. I brought all these things to my conversations with Lucy. She is great at understanding exactly what I’m trying to say and using NAET to keep things moving along far more effectively than I could manage alone.